Warmth for today ... the energy to fuel the future. That's Oilheat. It's where comfort meets technology. Where world-class innovation meets our friendly personalized service. Where technological advances are made every day that can help you save energy ... money ... and our environment.
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Propane – Imagine, one fuel that can heat your home, cook your food, heat your hot water, dry your clothes, run a generator, and even eliminate your yard of mosquitoes.   Consider the versatility of a propane room or space heater to supplement your electric heat.  Heat only the rooms you spend the most time in and turn the thermostat back in the rest of the house.  With propane there is no chopping, feeding the fire or removing the ashes.  Call us today at 248-2665 and speak with Melissa about how propane can make your home more comfortable. Place an order

Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Furnaces – You can trust your home comfort to Tappan air conditioning and heating products.   Tappan manufactures high –efficiency furnaces and air conditioners that can save you money on energy bills.  Tappan has one of the best warranties in the business and you won’t believe how quietly the equipment operates. Click Here to request a free installation estimate.

Burnham Boilers are manufactured in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The Burnham  MPO boiler, with an 87% AFUE Energy Star certified efficiency rating, has an efficiency advantage that other boilers can’t match.  There are more Burnham boilers, in more homes, than any other boiler.  Call 248-2665 and ask Fred Ciecierski, Service Manager, for a free estimate. Click Here to request a free installation estimate.

Empire's propane gas Space Heaters provide a cost efficient means of heating one room or a large area. Most models operate without electricity.
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You'll enjoy up to 40% energy savings, endless hot water and significant space savings with a Rinnai propane on demand hot water heater. Typical life span in residential applications is projected to be 20 years or more. Ask for a free estimate to install a Rinnai in your home or business. Click Here to request a free installation estimate.

Cardlock Fueling is available for commercial customers at the 711 East Walnut Street fueling site. On-road ultra low sulfur diesel, off-road dyed ultra low sulfur diesel (bus fuel),  and two grades of gasoline  are available 24 hours a day using the Pacific Pride fueling card.  Customers with COMDATA, Fleet One, TCH, Voyager and Wright Express cards can also fuel at the Pacific Pride site.  The site is located approximately ˝ mile east of the Route 322W / 522 North intersection on the left heading towards Selinsgrove.

Lubricants for the farm and industry.  Brad Penn Lubricants are made in Bradford, PA from 100% American Made and refined Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil.  We also are a distributor for Kendall and Mobil branded motor oils, gear oils, transmission, hydraulic oils, anti-freeze  and solvent.  We can answer about any lubrication question that you may have and recommend a product.  Place an order  

Biodiesel – On and off-road B2 biodiesel available at the pump at the Snedeker  Valero service station located at the entrance of the Quality Inn, Rte. 322 Burnham, Pa. exit.  We also deliver  treated B2  off-road biodiesel to farm and industry.  Bioheating oil also available. Place an order


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